Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Brenley mud run

Brenley also ran the mud run . He had a blast , he absoulutely loves getting muddy . love this kid

Halli did amazing on the mud run , she comoleted the whole thing and was able to do most of the obstacles . I cant wait for her to try it again one day . love this girl .

Wacey at the mud run . This boy is amazing , this is the first time to do the mud run , he had a broken finger so before we got out of the truck I told him just take it easy so you dont hurt your finger more . Well the kids ran in the first group and he just flew threw it like no problem . Only about 80 percent of the people that do the mud run can actually make it threw the whole thing and able to do every obstacle with out any problems . Wacey with that broken finger just went threw it like it was nothing . He won that group of people but when he found out there is 2 more groups he decided that maybe his time was not going to win the whole thing , so there he goes and runs in the third group and beat his time. out of all 3 groups he came in first place and second place , crazy boy